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First Aid on the Bike

First Aid Package

Like many cyclists, you regularly throw yourself into dangerous situations often in remote areas. Yet many of you don't have the proper first aid training to handle a medical emergency so you were not really prepared to handle it.

A first aid kit that bikes with you must be light and compact. So it should cover only the basics -- stuff to get you back to the car without bleeding all over, and stuff that may keep you from aborting the ride.

The first aid supplies could be stored in half-height zip-lock baggies. The bags protect your supplies against moisture and vibration wear-and-tear.

The bags contain dressing supplies such as:

  • a roll of gauze
  • several non-stick pads
  • wipers
  • Neosporin wound cleaner
  • Neosporin "Neo to go!" spray or antibiotic ointment
  • "painless removal" paper tape
  • bottle of water for wound cleaning with wipers

    Suggested by Bobby Skedsmo


    More information found at this site
    Mountain Biking Safety: First Aid for the Trail