Alameda Creek Trail

California Deaf Wheelers



California Deaf Wheelers (CDW) is a cycling club that is affiliated with the United States Deaf Cycling Association, Inc. (USDCA). It does not have bylaws yet.  The members and guests come to the annual meeting once a year. The meeting usually takes place on Saturday, one weekend before the Super Bowl. They get together dining, debating and brainstorming planned for the year of bike rides. To become as an officer is voluntary, but sh/e needs to be approved by the meeting attendees. No limited term! Members donate 10 dollars yearly - 5-dollar due goes to the USDCA for associate membership and the difference goes to the club. Remember that being in a bike club is supposed to be fun. That is the first and foremost way to make this club better - have a good time riding!


The purpose of the club is to promote the sport of cycling among deaf and hard of hearing people. The club consists of riders at all levels of cycling experience. Some members have 20 or more years of cycling experience, and others are just starting. Some members are involved in road racing, some in mountain biking, and some just ride for fun. Membership is open to all, no specific skills or experience is required.


A group of friends from Fremont area has ridden together every Sunday since 1996 which led them to establish a cycling club and named the club "California Deaf Wheelers" (CDW).


The following founding members are: Bob Morrison, Jack Lamberton, Ethan Bernstein, Bobby Skedsmo and Ron Stern. They have ridden every weekend in the morning from Niles going along the Alameda Creek to the Coyote Hills and back.


Since the establishment of cycling club, the bike ride from the Bear Hunt at the California School for the Deaf, Fremont to Santa Cruz becomes a traditional challenge so every rider gives a shot that always takes place on Sunday, the day before Columbus Day.